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Creating and maintaining a modern website is as challenging as it is fun. From delivering an awesome experience to your customers, to keeping up with bugs and feature requests, the sheer volume of new technologies and best practices can feel overwhelming. And the addition of mobile just doubled your workload!

Our resource center is full of presentations, white papers, and datasheets that provide actionable tips and optimizations that you can use to speed up your site, helping to improve customer experience and conversion rates all while reducing operational costs like bandwidth and server load.


Achieving Better Image Optimization with Lossy Techniques

According to the HTTP Archive, images are the dominant form of content on the web today, and the trend is only growing. Unfortunately, when people talk about image optimization in the context of front-end web performance, they are almost exclusively talking about lossless image optimizations. These lossless optimizations focus on reducing image size by removing non-graphical content from file such as comments, metadata, unused color entries, etc.

While lossless optimization is valuable, often significant additional optimization can be achieved through judicious use of lossy optimization. In this presentation we explore lossy optimization in more detail, and outline the pros and cons to these approaches.

Getting Web Performance Buy-in

While you understand the benefits of fast performance to your users, it can sometimes be tricky to convince others to share your same passion and priority. In this presentation we introduce some common explanations to why people never make the time for improving site performance, and then respond with proven strategies to help articulate the value to key stakeholders in marketing, IT/Ops, Development, QA and Product Management.

Maximizing Performance with SPDY and SSL

SPDY is an open network protocol developed primarily at Google with a goal to reduce web page load time through compression, multiplexing and prioritization. SPDY has amazing potential, especially in mobile, but there are a number of areas with SPDY and SSL where a wrong choice can result in hundreds of milliseconds of delay. In this presentation we introduce SPDY and provide an overview of the various optimization techniques available.

Guides and White Papers

Zoompf Sales Sheet

One page sales sheet describing the Zoompf product and how Zoompf can improve your website’s performance.


The Case For Web Performance

A collection of statistics about how poor web performance affects revenue, user experience, conversion rates, and search engine rankings.