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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

This Lossless PNG Optimization You’re Probably Not Using Shrunk One File an Extra 39%

From flickr, shared under Creative Commons 2.0 At Zoompf we routinely get asked questions about the best way to optimize images for performance. The other day, however, we received one question that left us scratching our heads. After some detective work, we uncovered a little known, yet extremely effective tactic for lossless PNG reduction that […]

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Debug Your Performance Defects with Zoompf Alerts

In this post I wanted to highlight some of the great free tools now available to our Zoompf Alerts beta users for debugging and fixing performance defects. (And if you’re not on the beta, it’s still not too late to sign up!) Understanding the Problem The first step to fixing a problem is of course […]

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A New Way to Justify Your Ongoing Performance Improvement Efforts

There are many great tools out there to measure your current website performance, among them WebPageTest, Google Pagespeed, and of course the Zoompf Free Report. These are fantastic tools for capturing the current state of your website, but all lack one common shortcoming: they provide no historical context of how much better (or worse) your […]

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Improve Your Conversion Rates with Optimized Product Images

The following post was originally guest posted by Zoompf on the ChannelAdvisor ecommerce blog. For the e-commerce retailer, high quality images are critical to a positive buying experience. Rich, clear imagery can often make or break a successful sale. Of course as with everything in life, this comes at a cost. Did you know that […]

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Step-by-step Guide to Optimizing your Apache site with mod_pagespeed

If you host your own website running Apache and are not already checking out mod_pagespeed, you really should.  Created by Google, mod_pagespeed is “an open-source Apache module which automatically applies web performance best practices to pages, and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) without requiring that you modify your existing content or workflow.” While there are […]

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Audit Third Parties, Rollup Graphs and More in Our New Free Report!

Happy Holidays! 2013 has been a great year at Zoompf! Our product team has been super busy putting out enhancements to the Zoompf platform, including support to audit the performance of multi-page flows such as shopping carts and user registration, bulk webpage scanning, Jira integration for performance defects, trending graphs, guest sharing links, optimization type filtering, […]

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Your Cyber Monday Could Have Been Better

Another Cyber Monday has come and gone. Adobe Systems, which tracked the top 2000 US retail sites, reported a record $2.29 Billion in sales, or a 16% increase from last year! What’s also interesting is this growth represented a 55% increase in the use of mobile devices, according to IBM in the same article. With […]

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How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with a Faster Website

This post was originally published by Zoompf as a guest blog on Moz.com on November 21, 2013. Due to the popularity of this guide we are also republishing here for your reference as well. Back in August the team at Zoompf published a joint research study with Moz analyzing How Website Speed Actually Impacts Search […]

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