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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

6 Crazy Weeks and New Online Web Performance Service

The last 6 weeks have been a very exciting time for us at Zoompf. 5 weeks ago we passed the 300 check mark for issues we test your website for using our performance scanning technology. Next we went live with a brand new web design and content management system to manage all our online content […]

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Free Performance Scanning Service and New Web Design

We have two big announcements for you all today. The first announcement is that we have finished rolling out a complete web design for Zoompf.com. The awesome folks over at Zero G Creative did the design and we worked with them to get everything tweaked (include the Sisyphean task of making everything look pretty even […]

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Useless Duplicate Cookies

In our last post where we described the 300 issues Zoompf checks your website for during its web performance asessment we said that the #1 way we discover new web performance issues is simply looking at web responses. This story is a perfect example of how that actually happens. Today (in fact, about 2 hours […]

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Zoompf Check #300! Or: Gateway’s got a problem…

People often ask how we discover new performance issues. Without a doubt the #1 way we discover new issues is simply by looking at websites and seeing how they work. Not a customer engagement goes by where we don’t find at least one new web performance issue that we add to our growing database of […]

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Top PNG Optimizers Don’t Use zlib

Oleg Kikin has an interesting chart comparing the performance multiple different PNG optimizing tools. The tools tested are: PNGOut AdvanceCOMP OptiPNG PunyPNG Smush.it PNGCrush PNG Recompressor RIOT Go take a look at the PNG comparison chart. I can wait. So what do these results mean? Well I believe it shows how far image optimization has […]

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Browser Performance Problem with CSS “print” Media Type

I ran across an article today that shocked me. Geert De Deckere wrote how you can save an HTTP request by combining the CSS files for the print and screen media types. Wait, I thought. What? Why do I need to do this? What behavior is this correcting? I was very confused. Maybe you are […]

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