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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

Debug Your Performance Defects with Zoompf Alerts

In this post I wanted to highlight some of the great free tools now available to our Zoompf Alerts beta users for debugging and fixing performance defects. (And if you’re not on the beta, it’s still not too late to sign up!) Understanding the Problem The first step to fixing a problem is of course […]

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Google Adds Ability for Better Performance Metrics

Last week, Google published a post entitled Understanding web pages better on Webmaster Central blog. The post discussed how the web has evolved from static HTML pages to richer content with lots of JavaScript and CSS and what this evolution means for Google’s web crawlers. But, as we will present here, Google’s post also has […]

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3 Reasons Why Marketing Should Care About Web Performance

Think the performance of your website is just something for the engineers to worry about? Think again. Slow website performance is increasingly impacting the ability to translate your marketing budget into qualified leads and online sales. While you can try to spend your way out of it (more traffic = more leads, right?), often a short […]

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9 Top Online Retailers Race in the First Web Performance Derby

If you’ve never checked out WebPageTest, you should. It’s a fantastic open source web performance analysis tool supported primarily by Google. One of the great new features of WebPageTest is the ability to capture video showing how long it takes your site to load relative to your competition. This is a great way to objectively […]

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Top Alexa Sites Averaging 9.5 Seconds Page Load Time

In our recent post, 5 common Causes of Slow Website Performance, we talked through some common performance optimization gaps that appeared in our recent analysis of the Alexa Top 1000 websites. Since so much interesting data came back from that exercise, we wanted to followup with some additional insights about the raw page load times […]

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Is Your Website Performing Like A Formula One Race Car?

Great Websites Are Like Formula One Race Cars Have you ever seen a formula one race car in action? These cars are closer to jet fighters than Ferraris. They gracefully wind through circuit tracks averaging three miles long, closely resembling the twists and turns of a California mountain road, along with twenty five other cars. […]

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5 Common Causes of Slow Website Performance

One of the benefits of working in the website performance industry is the treasure trove of interesting data just sitting out there in the public domain. Over the last few days we aimed our website performance scanner at the Alexa Top 1000 websites to gather various performance metrics of interest. In this post we’d like […]

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Amazon Silk and Performance Responsibility

Now that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is making its way into customers hands we are starting to hear about how its much touted Silk web browser and its web acceleration feature functions in real life. Initial research shows that, at least in this 1.0 release, Silk is actually faster with acceleration turned off. I don’t […]

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Zoompf Releases Industry Report and Launches Zoompf WPO

Today we have two exciting announcements with Zoompf. 2010 State of Web Performance Report Our first announcement is the release of our 2010 State of Web Performance report. Zoompf used our technology to assess the Alexa Top 1000 for performance defects to determine how well they have implemented proven web performance optimization techniques. Our research […]

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What’s Your Website’s Performance Rank?

Lord Kelvin, the famous British scientist and mathematician, once said: “You cannot improve what you cannot measure.” Just as web developers track the quality of their code using unit testing, regression suites, and bug trackers to improve their work, performance metrics are needed as well. So we created the Zoompf Performance Rank. This rank easily […]

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