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This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

39% of Windows Users Don’t Use IE

With the IE11 getting closer to release with Windows 8.1, I thought it was a good time to look at where IE is now and what that tells us about how people browse the web. According to NetMarketShare the total market share for Windows among traditional computers (desktops and laptops) is 91%. NetMarketShare also reports […]

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Performance Implications of Opera’s Switch to WebKit

Opera recently announced that it was dropping its Presto layout engine and Carakan JavaScript engine and adopting WebKit and V8. Actually, Opera announced they were going to develop “[products] built using the open-source Chromium browser” of which WebKit and V8 are the most visible and well known components. This is a pretty amazing shift and […]

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Internet Explorer is the Hare. And That’s Bad

Internet Explorer 10 is nearly upon us. This is the first update to IE in 19 months. This is a drastically different approach to updating browsers than, say, Google Chrome. I thought it would be interesting to compare the different strategies Microsoft and Google use to deliver web browser innovation. To do that, we need […]

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Two Reasons You Should Look at SPDY: 58.23% and 64.33%

Google comes up with lots of interesting technology: PageRank, BigTable, self driving cars. The most interesting invention to me at least recently has been the development of SPDY, Google’s faster HTTP replacement protocol. But will SPDY take off like Gmail? Or end up like Dart, (or Wave, or pubsubhubbub…) Luckily I’ve seen two very important […]

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