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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

How Home Energy Efficiency Relates to Web Performance Responsibility

Remember NetZero? I was a customer way back in the day. I also remember some Wall Street analyst commenting on the company when it went public during the dot com bomb: “Why would you name a company after its bottom line?” No idea who said that, but can you believe the company still exists?!? Wow! […]

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WebPageTest Found a Performance Problem? Fix It Using Zoompf HAR Import!

The HAR (aka “HTTP Archive”) file format is a JSON representation of all the content loaded by your browser to render a particular URL. HAR files contain lists of resources requested (CSS, Javascript, images, etc.), the order they were requested, how long it took to download them, and more. The HAR file format is evolving […]

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New Features: Ignore Defects and Performance Knowledge Base!

Another batch of new features for the Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer beta to announce today! Ignore Specific Defects with Defect Check Policies Whenever you run a Performance Test with Zoompf WPO, you are testing your site for over 400 common causes of slow performance. These causes include defects such as Content Served Without Compression, Lossless […]

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Determining Someone’s Name From Their Email Address

This post has nothing to do with our awesome web performance products, but is about how I used software and some public data to solve an interesting problem, and how that helped improve how Zoompf sells our product. Hundreds of people a week use our free performance report. Our sales team sends these people a […]

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Performance Test Your Password Protected Pages, New Export Options and More!

Just 2 weeks after announcing our new Recurring Performance Tests, we have two more great features to announce for our Zoompf WPO Beta! Test Your Password Protected Pages If you’re hosting a full blown web based application (like Zoompf), or even a smaller password protected area of your content/ecommerce site, you’ll like this feature. The […]

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The SEO Expert’s Guide to Web Performance Using WebPageTest

Note: we guest posted this guide earlier this week on Moz.com and wanted to share with our Zoompf readers as well. We hope you find it useful! Any SEO professional knows that both site performance and user experience play an important role in search engine rankings and conversion rates. And just like there are great […]

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From Alert Email to Backup Fail to Performance Problem

If you got an alert email from your performance monitoring solution telling you your site was now loading 600 ms slower, what would you do? What is your process to figuring out what happened and what you need to do to fix it? This is the story of how one of our customers came to […]

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Performance Tools and Half of a Plumber

Needing a plumber is never fun, and always stressful. But when there’s a water or sewage problem, you want it fixed right away. When you call the plumber, you want three things: A prompt response, even at 3am on Christmas morning The plumber to figure out and tell you exactly what’s wrong The plumber to […]

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Take out the Hassle with Recurring Performance Tests

The march of innovation continues here at Zoompf! First announced less than 2 months ago, the new WPO beta represented a huge leap forward in the usability of our commercial product and offered many great new features including waterfall charts, site content rollups, third party analysis, new mobile testing options, and a heck of a […]

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Compare Historical Performance, Test Your Competition…and Drugs!

So far the response to our new beta version of Web Performance Optimizer has been fantastic! Beyond a completely overhauled user interface, we’ve also exposed a mountain of new data to aid you in your performance testing efforts: third party content rollups, new mobile testing options (iPhone 5&6, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, portrait vs landscape,…), full […]

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