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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

Delicious Dogfood: How Rigor Just Reduced a Page Load Time 38% Using Zoompf

There’s a well known expression in the business world called dogfooding: actually using your own products in your business because (a) (hopefully) they’re good products and (b) using them helps you better understand your own customers. I know, I know…Crrraaaaazy idea! Rigor and Zoompf are big believers in dogfooding, and now that Zoompf has joined […]

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New Filtering Options to Streamline Your Zoompf Workflow

Greetings! While we’ve been pretty busy working with our great new teammates since our recent announcement of our acquisition by Rigor, I wanted to assure you we’re continuing to stay hard at work improving the Zoompf product. In fact, if you’re already an existing Rigor customer, you may have already been playing around with our […]

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Test Your Site Faster with Bulk Performance Tests

Recently we deployed a major update to the Zoompf scanning system that uses queue-based performance jobs to scale the number of performance scans our system can handle. As a benefit of this new architecture, I’m excited to announce two great new features that can greatly simplify your performance testing workflow.Bulk Run Performance TestsIf you log […]

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The SEO Expert’s Guide to Web Performance Using WebPageTest

Note: we guest posted this guide earlier this week on Moz.com and wanted to share with our Zoompf readers as well. We hope you find it useful! Any SEO professional knows that both site performance and user experience play an important role in search engine rankings and conversion rates. And just like there are great […]

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Take out the Hassle with Recurring Performance Tests

The march of innovation continues here at Zoompf! First announced less than 2 months ago, the new WPO beta represented a huge leap forward in the usability of our commercial product and offered many great new features including waterfall charts, site content rollups, third party analysis, new mobile testing options, and a heck of a […]

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Announcing the New Face of Zoompf!

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of Zoompf, now in open beta to our existing Zoompf WPO customers! Our product team has been hard at work the last 6 months building out this significant overhaul to the Zoompf user interface, and we hope you’ll be happy with the results. In […]

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How to Keep your Site Fast for Mobile-Friendly

Note: This article was originally published by Zoompf on Moz.com last week regarding Google’s Mobile-Friendly changes rolling out this week. Since the topic is so popular and timely, we also wanted to share with our readers here at Zoompf… Cindy Krum recently published a must-read primer on Moz.com about the Mobile-Friendly changes which I highly […]

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Use the Right Web Performance Tools for the Job

Here at Zoompf, our job is to help you do two things. First, we figure out what’s causing your web site to perform poorly, and, second, to fix it. We’re kind of like an electrician/plumber/HVAC guy for your website, except that we’re always there, and we have fantastic tools. Now, just like when you have […]

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Ridiculously Easy: Use WP-Smush.it to Speed Up Your WordPress Web Performance

For quite some time here at Zoompf we’ve been trumpeting the benefits of image optimization for speeding up your website. It stands to reason that the majority of content on a typical website is images, and the data proves it: as of Feb 2015 the HTTP Archive reported the average web page is 64% images: […]

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How to Automatically Bundle Your CSS and Javascript in ASP.Net

Last year I wrote a beginner’s guide to using mod_pagespeed in Apache that allows the Apache developer to recognize significant performance optimizations for their site with very little effort. I thought it might be fun to revisit this topic, but this time focus on a great library for ASP.Net developers: System.Web.Optimization. In this post I […]

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