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Fix performance issues fast with PRIORITAH!

 Zoompf Performance on September 24, 2015. Category: Uncategorized

You may not have the authoritah that Cartman had, but when those nasty website performance issues hit, you have to have “prioritah!” the ability to accurately prioritize those issues, so they get addressed and fixed in short order and in the right order.


Most web property owners don’t know what the problems that affect website performance are, and when they do, they don’t know how to prioritize, nor how to solve the problems. That’s ok, because that’s our job. We have prioritah! Here’s how it works.

Zoompf identifies and tells you how to solve more 425 potential website performance problems. When we send you your report, we’ve already put all those problems into buckets by the following criteria.


  • IT – server, hosting, infrastructure
  • Designer – images, content
  • F/E developer – rendering, order of loading
  • B/E developer – APIs, database calls


  • Severity of issue – are customers affected?
  • Difficulty of fix – an image that needs optimization is different from an API that has changed
  • Number of pages affected

Once you know where the issue ranks within these criteria, we assign a recommended priority to each issue that we find, allowing you to assign the proper resource at the proper time. We also offer you the recommended solution for how to address the issue, based on thousands of website performance issues that we’ve encountered, studied, and repaired.

Now let’s review. You have website performance issues. You don’t know what exactly they are, what causes them, how to fix them, how to prioritize the work, or who to assign to fix each issue. That’s where we come in, to alert you to each issue as it arises, identify the cause, demonstrate the severity of each issue, prioritize the issues, and help you assign the role of the resource to address each issue.

We’re like your Cartman for website performance issues, only more mature.

If you are interested in front-end performance issues, then you will love Zoompf. We have a number of free tools that help you detect and correct front-end performance issues on your website: check out our free report to analyze your website for common performance problems, and if you like the results consider signing up for our free alerts to get notified when changes to your site slow down your performance.


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