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Announcing the New Face of Zoompf!

 Mark Isham on May 14, 2015. Category: announcements, Guide

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of Zoompf, now in open beta to our existing Zoompf WPO customers!


Our product team has been hard at work the last 6 months building out this significant overhaul to the Zoompf user interface, and we hope you’ll be happy with the results. In addition to significantly streamlining the user experience for common tasks such as testing mobile devices and auditing third party content, we’ve also exposed some great new data and a trove of new features.

To access the new Zoompf, visit https://my.zoompf.com and log in with your existing WPO credentials.

New to Zoompf? Contact Us to schedule a demo. Let’s now take a quick tour of the new capabilities…

Simplified Discovery of Performance Defects

Over the years we’ve received a lot of praise for the level of detail our performance scanner exposes, but with this level of detail can also come increased complexity. The new Zoompf interface still provides the same level of great detail you’ve come to expect with Zoompf, but now rolled up in an easily digestible dashboard format.

Upon running a new performance test, you’ll immediately see a high level summary of how you are performing on the most common performance problems: Compression, Image Optimization, Caching and Third Party Content. The new tabbed interface summarizes how you score in each of these areas, including the total potential savings and largest individual file savings for each.


Click into any tab to see a further breakdown of that optimization, as well as high level graphs to summarizes your potential gains.


Page Timings and…Waterfalls!

We frequently get asked “how much faster will my site load if I fix this defect”? To help you answer this question, we’ve included a powerful new tool: Waterfall charts!

Run a new performance test using Zoompf, and we’ll now capture page load timings and generate a waterfall chart for you to review.


Waterfalls are incredibly useful for spotting performance bottlenecks, but here’s where it gets really interesting. Click any entry in the chart and you’ll see this:


Specifically notice the link to view performance defects! We’re very excited about this feature – a marriage of the utility of a waterfall chart with the detailed defect analysis of the Zoompf scanner. Now when you see a performance bottleneck, you can just click through to see all performance defects contributing to that bottleneck! Perhaps a particular image can be losslessly optimized, or a CSS file should be combined. The Zoompf waterfall gives you that context to not just see where your page is loading slower, but how to make it faster!

Comprehensive Third Party Analysis

We’ve put a lot of effort into improving how you can analyze third party content in your page results. In the new WPO beta, all third party content is now broken out into a separate tab for dedicated analysis. This allows you to easily focus on those improvements directly impacting your site, while still gaining visibility into how your partners are impacting your performance.

Click into the third party tab and you’ll see an overview of how your third parties are impacting your site performance, then drill into the details to see specific files and defects associated with those third parties.


The Third Party tab not only summarizes how large the third party content is, but also which defects are contributing to slow performance from those third parties.

Simplified Mobile Testing

Zoompf WPO has supported mobile device testing for some time now, but we’ve now made it much easier to access the results and to initiate mobile tests. When you launch a new test, you can easily choose from iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop testing options, and get clear feedback in your results on the form factor used for testing.


The Zoompf performance scanner not only sends the user-agent string appropriate to each form factor, but also executes the appropriate CSS media queries and javascript lazy load events based on the viewport size specific to that device.

Resuable Performance Tests…With History!

The new Zoompf beta introduces 2 new important concepts for capturing your site performance: Performance Tests and Performance Snapshots.

A Performance Test is a reusable configuration for how you test your site. For example, one test might test your shopping cart page for an iPhone 5 in landscape mode, while another test may test your home page using Chrome on a desktop.

A Performance Snapshot is a point in time capture of performance results for a Performance Test. Every time you run a Performance Test, Zoompf creates a new Performance Snapshot.

Why this distinction? The goal is to simplify re-running specific test scenarios and tracking your improvements over time under controlled test conditions. Click the “View Tests” link to see a summary of how your performance tests have tracked over time:


Click into any performance test to see the snapshot history in more detail.


And from there you can quickly access all the great data Zoompf provides from that point in time, including the new rollup summaries, comprehensive performance defect lists, waterfall charts, response bodies and more.

In the future we’ll be adding recurring monitors to this feature as well so you can configure a daily automated run of your performance tests over time. Stay tuned.

And Much More…

The devil is in the details, and there’s a lot more to this new version: defects by role (Developer vs. Designer vs IT), 10+ new visual charts, a comprehensive summary of all content loaded (including defects associated with each), a fully responsive interface, and much more.

We’re still hard at work adding great new features to the beta and fixing any lingering bugs. In the meantime, Zoompf Classic will continue to exist and can be safely used side by side with the new beta. In future posts we’ll dive into specific features and keep you updated on our progress.

If you encounter problems or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you, and now is the time to get in your suggestions while we’re still aggressively improving this product!

And if you’re not a Zoompf Customer, we’d love to give you a demo and free analysis of your site. Drop us a note!

We’re extremely proud of this major new version and hope you’ll find this new data and streamlined interface helpful to your performance optimization efforts. Thanks for all your great feedback, and keep it coming!


Have some thoughts, a comment, or some feedback? Talk to us on Twitter @zoompf or use our contact us form.