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Connect-JS Talk: Optimizing Front-end Web performance like a rockstar

 Billy Hoffman on October 30, 2014. Category: Uncategorized

I recently spoke at Connect-JS, an awesome JavaScript conference held in Atlanta. They had an incredible line up of speakers and I was honored to be apart of their inaugural year. There was a large turn out, and while less intimate than smaller conferences I've spoken at like JSConf, Connect-JS was a lot of fun and was a huge success.

My talk was entitled Optimizing front-end web performance like a rockstar. I covered common front-end optimization techniques, specifically focusing on making response bodies smaller and on making fewer requests. However, instead of just saying "do these optimizations" I spent a lot of time discussing how to automate these performance optimizations. If the fastest request is one the browser doesn't make, then the best performance optimization is the one you don't have to remember to do. Automation is the key to sustainably quick website.

Below are my slides.

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