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Getting Web Performance Buy-In

 Billy Hoffman on May 15, 2013. Category: Optimization

I don’t need to convince you that web performance is important. You are already reading a blog about web performance. And hopefully, all our great blog posts, white papers, How Fast Is… videos, and industry analysis has inspired you to start a web performance optimization program at your company.

But how do you do that? How do you go from being excited about web performance to implementing one in a dependable and repeatable way? How do you convince the Marketing, or Development, or Product Management departments that they should spend time, effort, and resources on implementing web performance optimizations?

Getting buy-in for a web performance program is a surprising tricky thing to do. So I created a presentation that describes exactly how to get support for a web performance program from different parts of an organization by demonstrating how web performance optimizations actually help those department accomplish the goals they are responsible for. Below you’ll find my slides:

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