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3 Reasons Why Marketing Should Care About Web Performance

 Mark Isham on May 30, 2013. Category: Guide, Optimization

Think the performance of your website is just something for the engineers to worry about? Think again. Slow website performance is increasingly impacting the ability to translate your marketing budget into qualified leads and online sales.

While you can try to spend your way out of it (more traffic = more leads, right?), often a short and targeted effort to improve site performance can pay dividends back tenfold in increased conversions and online sales. And as marketers know well, there’s never enough marketing budget.

 Google Pagespeed

Here are three reasons to consider:

1. Poor Performance Impacts SEO Ranking

In 2010, Google announced website performance is now a consideration in SEO ranking. While at the time the impact mentioned was small compared to relevance ranking, it is safe to assume this factor has (and will continue to)  grow more important as time passes.

This stands to reason: with all other factors equal, if you are choosing between 2 different links in your search results, wouldn’t you want to avoid the “slow as sh*t” site? Don’t let that happen to you – not only is it a poor experience, it’s embarrassing and tarnishes your brand.

2. Poor Performance Wastes Your AdWords Spend

So you’re now spending a lot of money on AdWords to get traffic. Great, Google needs the money. Maybe you’ve even invested in a professional landing page to track your lead sources. Good for you! If that landing page is loading slowly, though, your users won’t care how much you spent to get them there, they’ll see your site as crap and go elsewhere.

So how do you fix this? The easy solution is to just pay more to get more traffic. After all, its just a numbers game right?

In 2010 Mozilla conducted an A/B test on the Firefox download page. They showed by decreasing page load time 2.2 seconds, Firefox downloads increased by 15.5 percent! That equates to 60 million additional downloads per year, solely from performance optimization.

Don’t waste your money – often simple, targeted performance improvements can make a huge difference in page load times. This in turn greatly improves your marketing efficiency – spend less to get more qualified traffic. Kindof a no-brainer: spend a few days to improve the site instead of several thousand dollars to increase the traffic.

3. Poor Performance Loses Sales

There are numerous published studies showing a direct relationship between slow websites and lost conversions to online sales. Here are a few of the notable “classic” studies:

  • Forrester Research showed 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. How fast does your page load?
  • Google found that a half-second delay in page generation time results in a 20% drop in traffic.
  • Microsoft Bing found that each 2 second delay can result in up to 4.3% loss in revenue
  • Amazon found that every 100 millisecond delay on a product page would reduce sales by 1%.

And expectations have only increased in recent years. The overall sentiment is clear: slow websites cause your customers to look elsewhere. Why spend so much money on attracting leads, only to have them leave your website in frustration before purchasing? Faster sites improve sales.

What Can I Do?

In a prior blog post we talked about the benefits of using WebPageTest to measure your performance. Additionally, Google Analytics offers high level tracking on site speed as you can see in the example below:


We also made a post recently about 5 common causes of slow performance (and what to do about it) that I would recommend checking out. And of course there are a number of tools, both paid and free, that can help you on your journey: you can learn more about those in our Guide to Modern Performance Tools free whitepaper.

How fast is your marketing landpage?

If you want to evaluate your own site right now, try our free website scanner to evaluate right now how your website performance stacks up.


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