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Maximizing SPDY and SSL performance

 Billy Hoffman on April 23, 2013. Category: Uncategorized

Last week I again spoke at the Responsive Web Design Summit 2013 about SPDY and SSL. Performance has become some intertwined with web development, that Ari and Christopher decided to merge their Web Performance Summit conference into their RWD Summit. Attendance for the performance track of the RWD Summit was easily double that of Web Performance Summit. More developers are getting exposed to performance best practices, which in turn, makes the web faster for everyone. My thanks to Ari and Christopher for asking me to come and present at the conference again.

My presentation was on optimizing SPDY and SSL connections. SPDY has amazing potential, especially in mobile, and are there a number of areas with SPDY and SSL where a wrong choice can result in hundreds of milliseconds of deplay. I plan to discuss the different ways you can to optimize for SSL and SPDY in depth in future blog posts. In the meantime, my slides below provide a great overview of the various optimization techniques.


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