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The Goldilocks of Performance Conferences

 Billy Hoffman on August 13, 2012. Category: announcements

Looking for a great performance conference to attend? What to see the gurus of our space talking about the performance topics they are passionate about? Then you need to attend the Web Performance Summit 2012.

I am super excited that The Web Performance Summit is coming back for its third straight year. So much so that this year Zoompf is a proud sponsor of the Summit. I really believe in what Ari and Christopher are trying to put together. In fact, I think the Web Performance Summit is the Goldilocks of performance conferences. It’s “just right.” And here’s why:

No Travel Required

The Web Performance Summit takes place entirely online through video streams and live chat. This is good in a couple of ways. First of all, anyone, anywhere, can participate. The first year, Tom Hughes-Croucher gave his talk from a hotel room in Australia! If you have an Internet connection, you can attend the conference.

The other great things about being online is there is zero travel time. No airports, no hotels, no car rentals, no getting that neighbor kid Jason to walk your dog. Your meeting alert goes off, you click a hyperlink, you’re in the conference. Not only does this free up your schedule to get more stuff done, it makes it easier to get your boss to approve the expense since so little time is lost. And speaking of expense…

Hugely Cost Effective

Tickets for the Summit are $179. The Summit is cheap enough for independent developers and performance enthusiasts on a budget, and cheap enough that a first level manager can approve the expense without needing to go up the chain. This makes it very easy to attend. So what are you getting for your money? Just look at the speakers list for past and present Summits: Kyle Simpson, Mathias Bynens, Joshua Bixby, Nicole Sullivan, Stoyan Stefanov, Guy Podjarny, Sergey Chernyshev. These are the same speakers that present at those other performance conferences which cost thousands of dollars to attend. From an access-to-speakers/cost ratio, you can do no better than the Web Performance Summit. And speaking of access…

Access to Speakers

One of the best features of the Summit is access to speakers. You can ask questions while they speak, and they are in the live chat both before and after their talk ready to engage. At larger conferences, your lucky to get to ask a speaker one question during their session, let alone a back-and-forth with follow up questions or clarifications. Finding someone in a sea of thousands of people at other conferences is hard enough when you know the person. The Web Performance Summit’s live chat gives you access to speakers the way no other conference does. Finally, some people in our space aren’t the most social, and being able to talk with a speaker online instead of in person is a big win.

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Remember when I said the Web Performance Summit cost $179 to attend? Well I lied because if you use “zoompf” as your promo code during checkout, it only costs $143. Don’t tell anyone. This is just between you and me.

Go Get Registered

So let’s recap why you need to go to the Web Performance Summit:

  • Attend from anywhere, with no travel costs and headaches, or excessive time away from family and work.
  • Amazing speaking talking about cool topics and who are available throughout the day for a nice nerdy performance discussion.
  • Super low ticket price that provides the best value of any performance conference.

Why are you still here? Go register!


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