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Trust (and the Shift Key)

 Billy Hoffman on May 16, 2012. Category: random

I’ve talked a lot about trust, so this exchange from the Simpsons last night was incredibly funny to me.

Homer: Oh Marge, let the kid have his embarrassing secrets and lies.

Marge: That is totally irresponsible parenting!

Homer: Not according to the Internet.

Marge: Where on the Internet?

Homer: I’m sure some idiot somewhere agrees with me.

Marge: Why would you believe him?

Homer: Because his avatar is Darth Maul! The second coolest Darth! And what he says is true because its in all caps. Are you going to argue with caps?

Marge: Why does that make it right?

Homer: He took the time to press the shift key Marge! I think he knows what he’s talking about.

Trust, but verify? No way, if its in all caps, its perfectly fine. TRUST ME, I’M HOLDING THE SHIFT KEY.


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