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Zoompf Performance Reports

 Billy Hoffman on March 21, 2012. Category: announcements

Last year, Zoompf was excited to be a CloudFlare launch partner for the release of the CloudFlare App Store at TechCrunch Disrupt. This year, Zoompf and CloudFlare have worked together to create a special new offering: Zoompf Performance Reports.


The Goldilocks Approach

Zoompf already offers WPO, our full-featured subscription-based performance scanner. While we get rave reviews about the power of WPO, some website owners tell us it has more capabilities than they need. These people simply want to test their websites and get a list of each site’s performance problems, with instructions on how to resolve the issues. Our free scan is a great option, but it only tests a single page and doesn’t include detailed background information or remediation steps. Like Goldilocks, we needed to find something just right between Zoompf’s free but limited page analysis and an enterprise-class performance product.

To fill this need, Zoompf has worked with CloudFlare to create Zoompf Performance Reports. Zoompf Performance Reports allow you to buy a performance report listing your website’s performance problems with details on how to fix them. This is a one-time purchase. There’s no subscription or reoccurring costs and no new user account you have no manage. Our focus was to get detailed performance analysis, shown in the screen shot below, into your hands as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


How it Works

Here is how it works: You can purchase a Zoompf Performance Report through CloudFlare’s App Store with 2 clicks. Behind the scene Zoompf uses the same technology that powers WPO to scan and analyze your website, up to 1500 pages, for more than a hundred of the most common and impactful performance issues. We generate a PDF of the results and email you a download link in about 5 or 10 minutes.

Now for the best part: A Zoompf Performance Report costs just $5. Want a report? Click a button, spend $5, and get a detailed PDF of your performance problems. Made some changing to your site and want to test it again? No problem. Click a button, buy another one. Zoompf Performance Reports are an easy, cost effective way for you to find the issues that are slowing down you site, whenever you want and as often as you want.

Right now we are only offering Zoompf Performance Reports through CloudFlare. This whole “pay-per-report” approach is something of an experiment for us. In fact, CloudFlare had to build a support for one-time payments before we could offer Zoompf Performance Reports. We definitely want you feedback. If you like this idea, or want more products like this, let us know.


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