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Lose The Wait

 Billy Hoffman on January 6, 2012. Category: random

Happy 2012! It’s a new year and that means people make New Year’s Resolutions to change something about their life for the better during the coming year. This year, Zoompf asks you to make another New Year’s Resolution: Lose the Wait.

That’s right, start the year off right by promising to Lose the Wait of your website by improve its performance. This just won’t make your life better, promising to Lose The Wait will help make everyone happier:

  • Your visitors will be happy. A fast website leads to happy, engaged visitors who are more likely to do business with you.

  • Your IT Ops folks will be happier. A more efficient website reduces server load and allows them to do more with their existing resources.

  • Your CFO or VP of Finance will be happier. Optimizing your website reduces operational costs like bandwidth, and there is no better gift to a financier than reducing costs (except perhaps more money, see first bullet).

Now I know what your thinking. You’ve made New Years Resolutions in the past and they didn’t work out. Or your made some progress towards your goal but it didn’t last. well fear not! This time around is different because Zoompf will be there to give your the guidance and encouragement so you can you finally Lose the Wait permanently. To do help you build faster sites Zoompf is starting a new series of blog posts, webcasts, white papers, and workshops entitled Lose the Wait!

If you really make to change your website’s performance for the better, if you are sick are tired of your slow and bloated site, if you are finally committed to Losing the Wait, Zoompf is here to help you achieve it. We start next week, bright and early so make sure to follow Zoompf on Twitter and subscribe to the Lickity Split Blog RSS feed so you don’t miss a step.

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