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Zoompf Releases Industry Report and Launches Zoompf WPO

 Billy Hoffman on June 21, 2010. Category: announcements

Today we have two exciting announcements with Zoompf.

2010 State of Web Performance Report

Our first announcement is the release of our 2010 State of Web Performance report. Zoompf used our technology to assess the Alexa Top 1000 for performance defects to determine how well they have implemented proven web performance optimization techniques. Our research shows that even the largest sites on the web have trouble implementing even the most basic of performance optimization. Just consider lossless optimizations like HTTP compression, minification, and image crunching. Zoompf found that had these optimizations been properly implemented, there would be a 20% reduction in bandwidth across the entire Alexa Top 1000. This is a startling number. 1 byte of our every 5 bytes of web traffic is wasted bloat that can be eliminated using common performance optimizations, some of which are over a decade old!

There are way too many findings to reveal them all here. The 2010 State of Web Performance report is over 25 pages long and is packed full of statistics, analysis, and advice on how organizations can learn from the successes and failures of the Alexa Top 1000. Download your free copy now.

Download Zoompf’s 2010 State of Web Performance report.

I will be presenting results and highlights from our 2010 State of Web Performance at the Velocity Conference Tuesday night at the Ignite Sessions. If you are attending come watch a humorous trek through 90,000 URLs of content!

New Product Offering

Our second announcement is that today Zoompf launches a new product: Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer (WPO). Zoompf WPO is a web-based SaaS that allows you to assess any web application for over 300 different performance issues, from anywhere, at anytime. Zoompf WPO goes beyond our free performance assessment in several key ways:

  • Coverage: Zoompf WPO Scans your entire application for performance problems.
  • Depth: Zoompf WPO tests your app for over 300 problems and provides comprehensive information about each issue. Users receive details about each problem and its causes, complete with graphs and diagrams, as well as full remediation advice including configuration settings, code snippets, and implementation best practices.
  • Root Cause: Zoompf WPO allows you to drill down into any performance issues and highlights the text or code in a response that is causing the performance problem.
  • Rich Reports: Zoompf WPO offers 10 different reports to help you understand the issues and the impact of your changes. WPO also generates prioritized action plans, so you know exactly what IT operations or the designers should work on first to get the biggest improvement.
  • Assessment History: Zoompf WPO keeps track of all your past performance assessments. This allows you to measure and track performance defects across the entire the development and deployment of the application.

Pricing for Zoompf WPO starts at just $99 a month and is available now. Learn more about Zoompf WPO.

We extremely excited and proud to launch our Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer product and release this groundbreaking industry report. Our mission at Zoompf is to enabled web designers, web developers, and IT operations to build fast web applications. The addition of Zoompf WPO to our existing free web performance scanning service and our professional services provides an entire suite of performance products and services to fulfill this mission. I encourage you to take a look at our web performance products and services today and see how Zoompf can help you.

If you are attending the Velocity conference drop by and say hello, or reach out to us for a face-to-face meeting. You can contact us on twitter (@zoompf), through email (info@zoompf.com) or call us at 1-404-414-2000.


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