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 Billy Hoffman on June 29, 2010. Category: Optimization

Last week was a big week for Zoompf. We launched our new On-Demand Zoompf WPO SaaS offering, we released our 2010 State of Web Performance report, and we presented our performance findings during the Ignite Sessions on Tuesday night at O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, CA . We were covered in the press at NetworkWorld.com, CTOEdge.com, and TMCnet.com.

We were also profiled on DiscoveringStartups.com. This site focuses exclusively on new startup companies and their product offerings. A cool feature of the site is that DiscoveringStartups.com encourages readers to vote for the coolest, most interesting startup company profiled each month. If you love what Zoompf does and our free performance scanning service, please vote for Zoompf at DiscoveringStartups.com. To vote, go to this article about Zoompf and click the blue Vote button to the right of the article title, as shown below. We appreciate your support!

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