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Free Report Gets Face-lift and New Features

 Billy Hoffman on June 11, 2010. Category: announcements

Today we have a cool announcement. We have revamped the look and feel of our free performance reports and added a new feature: a Site Savings Estimate. Understanding the impact and savings of specific optimizations is critical to prioritize all the performance improvements you want to make to a website. This is why we added Savings Tables to our free report 2 months ago. Savings Tables allowed you to see exactly how many bytes would be saved with each resource and highlighted how a specific improvement would affect your web content.

While it important to know that, for example, losslessly optimizing your PNG images would save 17%, this figure could use more context. What is the total size of all the content that was downloaded? What percentage of the content are PNG images? If I reduce my PNG images by 17%, how much did I reduce the size of the total amount of content?

To help provide this context, Zoompf has added Site Savings Estimates to our reports. A Site Savings Estimate tells you how much bandwidth savings you will achieve across all of your site’s content. To calculate this we first look at all the content and resources that was downloaded. Next, we look at what optimizations have not been applied to all this content. If we applied those optimizations, such as HTTP compression or unoptimized images, how much smaller will the total amount of content be? This is how we determine the Site Savings Estimate.

Of course, the savings you achieve across all your content depends on the optimizations that you make. This is why Zoompf provides the Site Saving Estimate consists as range of savings. The lower number is how much savings occurs if lossless optimizations are applied across all of the content Zoompf analyzed. The higher number, we calculate how much savings would occur if we applied lossless optimizations, and, where appropriate, applied lossy optimizations such as converting PNG24 images to PNG8. Notice we say where appropriate. Sure you could save a ton of traffic by converting all your PNG images to PNG8. However that is not reasonable or appropriate. However, if a PNG24 is a reasonable candidate for a conversion to PNG8, that optimization would be considered. This allows us to provide a range of savings, based on how conservative or aggressive you wish to be in you size optimizations

A screen shot of a report with Zoompf's Site Savings Estimate

The Site Savings Estimate, complemented with our Zoompf Performance Rank, provides a powerful way to quickly to assess the performance of a website. The Zoompf Performance Rank denotes how many performance issues you website has, while the Site Savings Estimate tells you how much bloated and waste your site has that can be removed to drop bandwidth consumption. Test your site now using our free web performance assessment service and find out how much you can save!


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