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Upcoming Conferences

 Billy Hoffman on March 22, 2010. Category: announcements

Front-end Web performance is a growing space and several conferences are providing a forum for presentations and discussions about making the web fast. I’m excited to be a part of this trend and I’ll be presenting at a number of very cool conferences over the next two months. While two of these are physical conferences held in the United States one conference is an online conference that anyone can in the world can attend. Here is some information about upcoming conferences where I am presenting:

DevNation Atlanta

I’m be giving a great presentation at the touring DevNation conference’s stop in Atlanta on April 3rd entitled “Making the Web Fast.” It will serve as an introduction to frontend performance with a twist. Instead of just explaining optimizations such as caching, domain sharding, or image crunching we are going to do some live performance autopsies of real sites. We’ll see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong and how much they could save by implementing some front-end optimization techniques. I will also reference some free tools and services, such as Zoompf’s free web performance scanning service, that attendees can use to speed up their own websites.

DevNation is a day long conference with some other great speakers focusing on web development. The conference’s venue is the Georgia Tech Research Institute at just off of Georgia Tech’s campus, which happens to be my alma mater. DevNation is an intimate conference with extremely cheap prices and it highly recommended to anyone in the Atlanta area who design, develops, or maintains web applications.

JSConf US 2010

For reasons I don’t entirely understand the awesome folks at JSConf asked me to present at JSConf 2010 about all the nasty stuff you can do with JavaScript. I will be sharing the stage with luminaries like Douglas Crockford (whose window.onerror is always defined, because nobody throws anything at Douglas Crockford and lives), Steve Souders, and John Resig. While they are all going to talk about important stuff I am there to talk about how to destroy the Internet using the evil side of JavaScript.

JSconf runs from April 17th and 18th with a hefty dose of partying and a whole other conference, ScurvyCon, on April 16th. The speaker line up is literally the best of the best. JSconf is already sold out and the tickets for ScurvyCon go on sale on April 4th. If you can’t make it JSConf is nice enough to post videos of all the talks after the conference so anyone can learn and enjoy.

Web Optimization Summit

The Web Optimization Summit is an especially cool conference. It physically takes place in Austin Texas on May 12th where you can attend and watch the speakers. But it is also a virtual conference, so anyone in the world can connect and attend the conference! I’ll be speaking on more advanced performance topic with a presentation entitled: Implementing a Web Performance Program without killing yourself. It addresses a problem we see time and time again at Zoompf: A developer or IT admin reads on of Steve’s performance books, or downloads YSlow, and takes it upon themselves, (and only themselves) to start optimizing website. Suddenly the app stops working because IT implemented HTTP caching without having proper changing control or file versioning. Or all the JavaScript and CSS in the development branch of source control has been minified. Or the design cannot be modified because all the original images have been crunched and indexed. Even worse these optimizations are hap hazard and not repeatable so site performance whips violently from fast to slow with each new publish. The talk explores how to add performance optimizations into your existing web development and deployment process. This allows for automated, repeatable performance optimizations that don’t add time to your development cycles.

The Web Optimization Summit has some other excellent speakers, such as Paul Irish and Kyle Simpson from Getify. The conference all takes place over a single day, is reasonably priced, and can be virtually attend from around the global.


I’m very happy to be presenting at these conferences. If you are attending please stop on by and say hello. In fact, anyone who meets me and shows me a printed copy of their free Zoompf Web Performance Report with some feedback about the findings will get a special gift. More details on this soon. Hope to see you all at the conferences!


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