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Note: Archived Content

This is the archived version of the Zoompf blog. Since our acquisition by Rigor, all our new research and posts on web performance are being published on The Rigor Blog

It’s Never Been Easier to Analyze Third Party Content with Zoompf

Today I’m happy to announce the release of some great new features to help you analyze (or ignore) the performance impact of the Third Party Content on your website using Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer. Third Party Content is any content linked from your webpage over which you do not have direct control. For example, an […]

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Delicious Dogfood: How Rigor Just Reduced a Page Load Time 38% Using Zoompf

There’s a well known expression in the business world called dogfooding: actually using your own products in your business because (a) (hopefully) they’re good products and (b) using them helps you better understand your own customers. I know, I know…Crrraaaaazy idea! Rigor and Zoompf are big believers in dogfooding, and now that Zoompf has joined […]

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What’s in your Webperf Stack?

In the tech world, when we’re discussing software development, we use the term “development stack” with great frequency. One simple example is “LAMP”, which is the acronym for the development stack consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. There are many other dev stacks, and just recently, we’ve started hearing of new kinds of stacks, […]

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New Filtering Options to Streamline Your Zoompf Workflow

Greetings! While we’ve been pretty busy working with our great new teammates since our recent announcement of our acquisition by Rigor, I wanted to assure you we’re continuing to stay hard at work improving the Zoompf product. In fact, if you’re already an existing Rigor customer, you may have already been playing around with our […]

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Zoompf Gets Acquired!

We are so excited to announce that Zoompf has been acquired by Rigor, a leader in the web performance monitoring industry! Usually when a company gets acquired they will write some sales-y fluff piece full of hackneyed buzzwords like "synergy" or "game-changer" and generic statements about how the companies will work together. But that’s just […]

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I’m not worried about you. It’s the other guy.

My teenagers are getting that look in their eyes. No, not that look. The look that says, “Dad, I really want to learn how to drive!” So, I’ve started teaching them, just a little at a time, so that when that day comes, they’ll be absolutely as prepared as possible to survive a simple drive […]

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Test Your Site Faster with Bulk Performance Tests

Recently we deployed a major update to the Zoompf scanning system that uses queue-based performance jobs to scale the number of performance scans our system can handle. As a benefit of this new architecture, I’m excited to announce two great new features that can greatly simplify your performance testing workflow.Bulk Run Performance TestsIf you log […]

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Fix performance issues fast with PRIORITAH!

You may not have the authoritah that Cartman had, but when those nasty website performance issues hit, you have to have “prioritah!” the ability to accurately prioritize those issues, so they get addressed and fixed in short order and in the right order. Most web property owners don’t know what the problems that affect website […]

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Announcing the New Face of Zoompf! (Now Live)

  Last May we announced the beta release of the new face of Zoompf and the response has been fantastic! Beyond the substantial overhaul to the interface usability, we also released a trove of new features including reusable performance tests, new data rollups (compression savings, image savings, caching savings, etc.), new third party content analysis […]

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What’s Your Web Performance Sleep Number?

  No, Zoompf is not pivoting into mattress performance, though it does make for a good analogy. With a Sleep Number Bed, you can try any number between 1 – 100 to find out what your optimal mattress firmness is for your best night’s sleep. Somewhat similarly (ok, not really at all), you can run […]

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