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Fix the root causes of slow performance. Stay fast.

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Zoompf Acquired by Rigor!

We are proud to announce that Zoompf has been acquired by Rigor, the fastest growing Web Performance Monitoring solution on the market!

Together, Zoompf and Rigor join forces to provide the first complete web performance monitoring and improvement solution. Learn more in our full announcement.

Web Performance for the Entire Team

At Zoompf, we understand the fastest possible website performance is built in from the start. Zoompf is designed from the ground up for enterprise web teams who understand a positive user experience improves customer satisfaction and increases sales.

Zoompf works by continuously auditing your entire website for the common causes of slow performance, providing prioritized, easy to fix steps for the entire team. In addition, Zoompf immediately detects new changes that slow down your site, keeping your site fast and saving you time to work on other things.

Build the Fastest Website Possible

Save time and increase sales by building in fast web performance from the start.

Build in Fast Performance

Address the root causes of slow performance.

Keep Your Site Fast

Continuously audit your site to prevent performance regressions.

Optimized for Mobile

Verify you implemented all the super fast mobile-only optimizations.

Designed for Enterprise Web Teams

Prioritize and share defects easily across the entire team.

Automatically Fix Performance Problems

Zoompf automatically corrects many performance problems, and guides you through the rest.

Works with Complex Sites

Zoompf supports the most complex e-commerce, media, and SaaS websites.


Zoompf is trusted by top ranked brands.

At Refinery29, a positive user experience is critical. Unfortunately our existing performance tools could only tell us how fast our site loaded. Zoompf was the only product that actually examined our front end code, giving us rich, step-by-step instructions on how to speed up our site directly in the source.

– Jake McGraw, Director of Platform Engineering at Refinery29.
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As a web fellow and architect at Time Inc., I worked with many different brands to ensure a great user experience for our websites. Zoompf was the only web performance solution that offered the level of detail and clarity that worked effectively across all performance optimization projects, helping reduce the page load to deliver ads faster, improve traffic, conversions and user engagement.

– Alla Gringaus, Web Technology Fellow in charge of Web Performance at Time Inc.