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SSL Performance Diary #2: HTTP Strict Transport Security


This post part of a series, where I discuss the steps I am taking to implement SSL on a website while simultaneously improving its performance. I previously discussed optimized SSL certificates. Today I’ll discuss a super easy SSL performance optimization that everyone should be doing: HTTP Strict Transport Security. When we were designing the web […]

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Announcing SPDYCheck: The SPDY Lint Tool

Steam seems to be building up behind SPDY, the next generation web transportation protocol. I wrote back in June that the majority of web browsers speak SPDY, and the majority of web servers are capable of speaking SPDY. Last week, the IETF rechartered the HTTP Working Group to develop HTTP/2.0 based on SPDY. While the […]

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Too Chunky: Performance and HTTP Chunked Encoding

While debugging a customer issue this weekend, I uncovered a problem with chunked encoding in general, and ASP.NET in particular, that can reduce your website’s performance. Let’s start with some background. Digicure is a web security and performance services company in Denmark. They are also a Zoompf customer. At the end of last week, they […]

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HTTP Compression use by Alexa Top 1000

Yesterday, frontend madman and performance nut Paul Irish reached out to me asking if I had any stats on the use HTTP compression. I’ve written a bunch about the benefits of HTTP compression, as well as the challenges in implementing it. Surprisingly, I realized that, no, I did not have any figures about HTTP compression […]

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Lose the Wait: HTTP Compression

One of the ways you can improve website performance is to reduce the amount of data that needs to get delivered to the client. An easy way to reduce the amount of data sent to a client is to compress the content and then transfer it to the client. This can be done with HTTP […]

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REDbot: Awesome HTTP Testing

I am always on the lookout for new and cool web performance and quality tools. One of my favorite tools is REDbot. Every web performance advocate should be using REDbot regularly. Want to know why? To start, REDbot was created by the awesome Australian Mark Nottingham. Mark writes some excellent technical-yet-easy-to-understand essays on the inner […]

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The Big Performance Improvement in IE9 No One is Talking About

Microsoft released a preview of Internet Explorer 9 last week. Much attention has been paid to its increased standards support as well as performance improvements such as GPU accelerated page rendering and a faster JavaScript engine. However a small blog post that has received virtually no commentary discusses a change with IE9 that may well […]

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Performance Tip for HTTP Downloads

HTTPWatch has an interesting article today on their blog entitled “Four Tips for Setting up HTTP File Downloads.” They offer some great advice to make sure your downloadable files work across all browsers and are saved using the appropriate name. However they didn’t include a very important feature that all websites offering large file downloads […]

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Useless Duplicate Cookies

In our last post where we described the 300 issues Zoompf checks your website for during its web performance asessment we said that the #1 way we discover new web performance issues is simply looking at web responses. This story is a perfect example of how that actually happens. Today (in fact, about 2 hours […]

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